Xeres Cloudbreaker 5th

Contempter Commander Strand:
Weapon cooldown -10%, crew attack +1, crew defense +1
Has recently been payed to serve you.
Loyalty +3, expires in 25 days.
Steady Under Pressure:
When taking hull damage, all cooldowns -30% for 10 seconds.


Com. Spatialis Hifalia, SN 2nd Grade (discharged)

Former Space Marine:
Crew attack +1, crew defense +1
10% better prices for trade goods
Steady Under Pressure:
When taking hull damage, all cooldowns -30% for 10 seconds.

ClAIr 03-p-glassmade

Resident AI:
Fleet processing power +2.
Can't change ship.
Can't be killed by enemy boarders.
Can't lead boading crews.
Warship Configuration:
Weapon cooldown -10%, hit chance +5%.

Hyperspace Admirals is a fleet-based space opera roguelike, currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux.

You control an evolving armada of spaceships, explore a randomly generated galaxy and manage the skills and quirks of your fleet commanders.

Most likely you will also face bright pink explosions and bitter defeat along the way.

Command and battle hundreds of different space ships and stations, use fighters, boarders and electronic warfare to blow stuff up; make tough decisions in outer space and witness as your officers are shaped by the unfolding event.
                                                        Planned Features
Strategic Gameplay:
Command your fleet in pauseable real-time engagements, make decisions in text events and navigate an open world galaxy.
Emergent Character Traits:
Will your admirals crack under the pressure or rise to the occasion?
Procedurally Generated Loot:
Equip your ships with a large variety of gear. Guns, plating, shields, sensors – everything is equippable and can be modified through loot prefixes.
Six Story Premises:
Escort refugees to a new home, defend a disputed space station, attempt to survive a vicious boss gauntlet or freely explore a huge galaxy in endless mode.
Various Play-styles:
Command a ragtag pirate fleet, make a fortune by transporting trade goods or avoid conflict through diplomacy. Many more playstyles will be possible.
Deep Unlock System:
Gather data on ships and equipment to unlock new starting fleets and game modes. Or create your own custom starting fleet.
Permadeath Roguelike VS Customizable Difficulty:
Master the preset difficulty settings or get used to the game's mechanics in a custom game, rewinds and recalls included.
The content of this site illustrates our concepts and goals for the game.
Please keep in mind that HA is still in an early development stage and might change a lot along the way.
You can follow the games development on our Dev Blog .
We also have a public Trello board where you can spy on us as we attempt to get organized.